The Long Cold August

In the normalness that is usual for San Francisco, August was a pretty cold month. We had a lot of fog and a lot of people saying that it seemed like there was more fog than usual this year. Of course, that wasn’t the case, but so it goes with many here who don’t like the fog, yet stay in SF. Myself, I’m a big fan of it and I enjoy when it comes rolling in. I also don’t happen to live in the fog belts of the “Sunset” and Richmond Districts where they get hit hardest by it. If I were out there, my take might be a tad different. But, as I sit here in the very last days of August, I’m realizing it has warmed up a bit, which is rather strange, since that usually hits in September or October. No worries, I can go out on the roof and get a tan without having to wear a blanket.
I have noticed how slow this month has gone by. I’m not complaining in the least about it, for it’s the first time in a long time were a month seems like a discernable measurement of time rather than a blur that passes me in a flash. The slowness can only be blamed on my lack of a fulltime work. When a cyclone of emails, phonecalls, and screaming cooling fans doesn’t fill your day, it is a wonder how much slower and methodical life becomes. I finally feel like I’m getting some work done on things which have lingered for a long time. I’m going to shoot a short film next month and I haven’t done anything in a cinematic way for over a year and a half! My general rule is that if I’m not getting rejected from Sundance each year, then I’m just not really doing anything in film and should hang up my hat.
I look forward to the coming months, although I know that they’ll not be as kind on time once I get used to this schedule and I’ll have to make use of the time at hand to take on projects and the search for meaningful employment or once again, it will pass me by and I’ll regret it.