The logic of thieving

It was a sad day when I walked in to this particular “sometimes office” and discovered that my laptop, backpack, and iPod had all been swiped by a thief who had made his way in to the building and took off with a fine selection of laptops. Thieving appears to be what everyone is in to these days. My mother-in-law had here laptop stolen sometime back after a previous break in had stolen other items. #1 Fan had her camera pickpocketed in Chile. And then of course there were my sublettors from a few months ago who stole an amazing assortment of my stuff, including my clothing, although civil proceedings are pending, so I won’t get in to that anymore.

To some degree, I assume we have more of this to look forward to as the newer generations are being told that they’re basically entitled to whatever they want and they have no concept of ownership due to their parents buying them everything. Ah, the millenials, I look forward to you. Of course, this only applies to my sublettors. The rest of the thieving in my life of late has come from plain old opportunists. They saw something they could take and they took it. In the case of my laptop, being that it was four years old, it probably wasn’t the most worthwhile thing there was and I’m still rather bummed about that as it saw me through three continents and 15 or so countries. Kind of sad to lose such a stalwart traveling partner.

Naturally the thief logic is that you can afford to replace whatever they take because if you couldn’t, you wouldn’t have it in the first place. If it’s not that logic, then it’s something else that allows them to justify taking it if they’re not feeding some kind of addiction. And that’s about all you can do about it is look on and shrug given that the police never find small stolen items and there just seems to be a growing and willing army of thieves out there to take whatever things you might have. It would be great if one of my suitcases, bread knife, cookie book, and multiple items of clothing would somehow turn out to not have been stolen, but I don’t in any way have my breath being held and am looking more towards replacing what is now missed, somewhere down the line when I can actually afford it.