The Laptop Mentality

As I prepare to do a very large upgrade to just about every machine in my company, the question has come up several times from several people in regards to their need (or more desire) to be moved over to a laptop.
There seems to be some kind of mythology that has been built up around the use of a laptop. It’s like this cool, speed technology that makes you one of the elite. Well, let me tell you something: I have two laptops and they suck! One of them is my own and I hate it the least, since it was a result of the “I wanna be cool” problem that a lot of people go through. The other is one from work and the only reason I have it, is because I have several locations I have to go to and it’s the best way to transport the data, although it’s a major pain to deal with.
A lot of people don’t realize that no matter the speed rating and all the other things on a laptop, they will generally always be slower than a comprable desktop. The architecture of the system hardware has to remain slow, or the stupd thing overheats, uses too much battery, or is too heavy. Things on my work laptop are considerably slower than any of the desktops around there.
Laptops are also a huge liability, as shown from some of the more disaster-prone users I have to deal with. One user is on her third after forgetting one on a bus and dropping another down the stairs. Another user left hers on top of her car and is on her third as well, since the replacement for the one that went skidding across a parking lot got crushed in a briefcase. Also, one last user, lost his first one, because his daughter knocked a glass of water into it, thus frying it. I might add that these have all been Apple laptops, but this kind of stuff can happen to any of the machines.
Simply put, the sloppiness is high. Not only is there the fact that people are careless, there is the problem that when you’re moving a device around from location to location and plugging them in, as I have one user who has on one occasion not plugged in the power to her laptop and then on another, not had the network cable plugged in.
Needless to say, many of the users who are on laptops now, will be deposed of their “coolness” factor when we upgrade. I’d happily do it to myself to get a much higher powered desktop system, but for the time being am cursed to use one of these damned things. At least when I’m at home, I can use my UberGeek setup with two monitors and a UberGeekFast system.