The joy that is digital video

I’m saying goodbye to by Sony DVCAM camcorder this week. He was good to me, but I really didn’t use him as much as I would have liked as my aspirations as a filmmaker didn’t really pan out as one would have hoped. That and the fact that this camcorder uses tape. I’d much rather have one that shoots straight to a digital file so that I don’t have to haul around a pile of tapes with me everywhere I go as the high quality ones are pricey.
That said, the advent of digital video has been a boon to all of us wishing to make videos. Obviously, this has led to an inordinate amount of crap coming out as anyone has access. But, at the same time, those who might not have had access before can now shoot whatever they want, and cheaply. Case in point, the video below by OK Go.

You might be more familiar with their video for Here it Goes Again where they dance on treadmills, but the genius of this video is that they made up one hell of a dance routine, shot in one take with no special effects. If one of them owned the camera, then that video effectively cost them nothing more than their time. And there you go, entertainment without cost.
This is what is lost on so much of the broadcasting and recording companies is that they’re spending too much to make too little. In other words, they’re putting out crap. I’d much rather watch a hokey video made my OK Go any day as opposed to just about any show they put out now. Admittedly, I am looking forward to the Season Finale of Lost though, but that is one show with good writing, producing a good product. I don’t even know if The Hills is still on MTV, but if it is, then that is an example of shit writing granting a shit product. No matter how much you spend putting layers of lacquer on it, it’s still shit at the core.