The Joy of the Launch

Yesterday was one of those marathon sessions of 15 hours that I thought I had left behind in my 20’s, but apparently not. The net seems to not be a workplace for old men…
But, after getting out this monstrosity, which was delayed several times by people having to do the QA after a launch and then a retraction and then a launch again, I found some solace in the following video:

Yeah, I know. I’m posting a lot of videos lately from things that amuse me. Has the web really come to this? Well, yeah. It’s either this or more bitching about crippies and art students. Who needs that?

2 Replies to “The Joy of the Launch”

  1. Lesson learned by watching: Set a goal and sell. Much better than paying back taxes on worthless stocks as they were evaluated before crashing.

    1. Or just do the next best thing and not even care about getting stocks. Work for a good rate, tell them to shove it anytime they try to pay you with toilet paper and save your money. It’s served me well.

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