The Joy of Sound

There has been many a time when I put up a post and realize that it’s lacking something and that my explanation in words pales in comparison to actually hearing what it is that I’m writing about. For instance, there is just no way that you can transcribe the “genius” shared by two art students talking about how much their parents suck and no one understands them. Also a problem is how to expertly draft text to convey that pinched nasal quality of princessy girls walking around, while talking on their cellphones.
I have tried as much as I can to meet the needs of having only text and image at my disposal, yet while the image may excel, the text falls short. So, given that I built this whole thing (yes, WordPress is excellent and I recommend it to those who don’t code, but I have to have geek pride in all of this, since I do this for a living) I had to build a system by which to upload sound clips. After spending a good chuck of today thinking about the best way to do this, getting bored, going for an ice cream, and then a baguette for tomorrow, and then wine, and then coming back, and then eating some food to counteract the wine, I hit upon a solution.
So, here I present my first audio track on the site. Advances pardons if this doesn’t work perfectly everywhere as I’m still cleaning it up. It uses a Flash plugin to play, but otherwise, it’s pretty straightforward. You can listen to my most favorite track from Radiohead’s, “In Rainbows” and that’s about it.
I just ordered a Zoom H2 recorder, so there will be more sound to follow in the future. Hopefully good sound, or at least amusing sound. I make no promises other than that there will be future sounds. I will not ever be building a video function for the site, since that’s just craziness and there are so many sites out there that handle video needs so much better…