The Ides of October

I’m not sure if they’re really anything to beware of, since it is the middle of October now and to be honest, I’m not really sure if Ides can exist anywhere but in March. At any rate, let’s just say that they do exist for any month and this happens to be a funny month, since October is one of the few months without any true holidays in it. Sure, there’s Columbus Day, but that’s only good for a couple of people in civil service jobs and banks. Basically, everyone that you would really need to get a hold of on a Monday, has it off, so that’s just a bogus holiday.
Naturally, there is Halloween at the end of the month. Now, this should be a holiday and lord knows, the Castro has tried desperately hard to make it so, but in reality it’s just a cool day that for some reason no one takes off. So, you’ve got cool holiday that we don’t celebrate versus holiday for guy that started the exploitation of the New World. Screwy, really screwy.
I think my biggest frustration with this month froma calendaring perspective is that it’s A) Long and B) Without much going on. I’m not just talking holidays here. People don’t seem to do much, but be in awe of Fall. No one takes vacations. Everyone seems to be getting ready for the Wintery holidays and that’s about it. In fact, can we just scratch off October from the calendars? Wouldn’t that make more sense? I guess not, since the Virgos and Scorpios out there wouldn’t want Libras stealing their thunder. But hey, I digress. It’s been a long week, so maybe thinking about the complete overhaul and dissemination of October should wait until tomorrow.

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  1. Halloween is a very real pagan holiday that proceeds the christian all souls day on november 1st
    Ides just means the middle of the month for march july october .The rest of the months it land on the 13th

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