The Hudin Plan

For awhile now, I’ve espoused many an idea for change in this world. Some of them I feel were very good ideas and instead of letting them fall by the wayside, I’ve created a new page on the site for them.
This will be a page that will grow and get more elaborate as time goes on with the things that I feel will make everything run smoother.
You will probably notice that there are some small things in there, which may seem insignificant. In reality, I think that these small things will foster a lot of change and growth within this country which have been lacking for quite some time.
Naturally there are big items as well, which are out of my and many people’s ability to initiate, but I put them there in the hopes that cogitation and ideas will sprout forth.

I took down this section awhile ago. From now on, things are just included in posts. No reason to make my agenda so easy.