The High Fructose Corn Syrup/Atkins Conspiracy

It’s pretty well established that high fructose corn sryup (and really, there just any comparison to just your basic fructose corn syrup, so pipe down about your old school sweeteners) is a pretty lousy substance:
So what? This stuff isn’t in everything right? Wrong. It IS in everything and it’s amazing how much of this crap we’re eating these days. In fact, it’s really funny how it’s basically in everything, whether it be a frozen TV dinner or your favorite bagel. There happens to be one thing that it’s really not in and that’s meat! Yes, that’s right. All these Atkins fiends are so crazed about their non-carbohydrate meals, when most of us that are sensible are looking at the bread in front of use and realizing that it isn’t really that evil.
I mean, look at Europe and in specific Italy. Sure, they can get bigger later in life, but they eat so many carbos, that by the definition of an Atkins person, they should weigh as much as a medium-sized car! Obviously this is not the case and Americans are by far fatter than the fattest Italians (Pavarotti aside, since he’s the equivalent of a rock star and allowed to bulge.)
What’s the difference? They’re eating breads, pastas and grains that haven’t been hit by the high fructose corn syrup garbage. Yes, they’re also eating some meats and they walk more than we do, but let’s be honest, they eat tons of carbs.
So, let me pose a theory. Atkins doesn’t work because you’re just eating meat. It works because you knock the HFCS out of your life. This doesn’t mean that you have to eat Atkins and god knows, you shouldn’t if you want to life any length of time, but it does mean that if you are aware of what you’re buying and don’t buy products with HFCS in them, you’ll pull off the same stunt of weight loss. I eat scads or bread and carbs with very little meat and I’m in good shape. Atkins does work, but it’s only a subterfuge of what the real problem is. Trying to skip HFCS is hard, but you can do it!