The good, the honest, and the lazy

I have a rather tremendous croissant addition. There, I said it. Can someone please present me with some series of steps (12 would be fine) that would help me get beyond this? Ah, it doesn’t exist as this is natural? Okay, I shall continue with my habit. Of course, it should be noted that I won’t eat just any croissant out there and I get a bit snobby as to the whole buying of proper croissants. And yes, you can indeed start to ridicule my addition if you haven’t already.

Feeding this need was a rather sordid affair for some time when in #1 Fan‘s hometown of Figueres, Spain. There, the bread is dry, the pastries as well, and in general, the croissants are sad. It’s mostly due to their using pork fat instead of butter, which, let me tell you, does not a good croissant make. It’s doubly painful given that Figueres is 20 minutes from the French border, so they should just know better.

Last year, when I washed up here for several months, I found out about Opera. And behold, butter-filled croissants were found. I became a regular. While they don’t know me by name there, I’m sure I was recognized as the tall guy who is living in Northern Catalonia for some reason and speaks shitty Spanish, but buys croissants regularly or, Xarnego dels Croissants for short.

Well, I’m back and the same people still work there. This came in handy today as when picking up croissants as well as enjoying Xuixo Saturday which made for a bill of 14€. I had a 10€ and a 50€ note on me and nothing else. Rather than break a 50 for me, the girl working there just told me to pay 10 and bring in the other 4 the next time I come in.

Now, when I shave, it could be said that I have an honest face and this might seem like a pleasant case of treating your customers well, but in reality, it’s this damnable fear of large notes. I mean, if you present anything over a 50€, it’s like the money has been touched by leprosy. So, instead of using up valuable change, this girl just decided to trust me to pay later. That’s how ridiculous it is. Don’t even think of paying for something with a 100€ note unless it costs exactly 100€.

It’s the case that in African countries using the CFA, there simply is no damned change, but here, in the EU, there is indeed change. The problem is that no one wants to go to the bank (as banks as inherently evil) and waste all the time needed to get it. So, there you are. I got floated 4€. Now I just need remember to pay up the next time or I’ll get blacklisted and be jonesing for some Pastisserie Phillipe when back along San Francisco Way.

The good, the honest, and the lazy