The Frustrations Are Many

When walking home from work last night, I was greated by a lovely site. There, at the corner of Sutter and Powell (just one popular block from Union Square), a homeless fellow decided to lean in to a trash can, unzip his pants and take a piss. I’m still trying to fathom whether this was more foul than the Berkeley guy I saw doing something similar and I think that yes, it was.
It’s probably just the brazen fact that he did this on one of the busiest corners in San Francisco which revolted me more than anything. The guy had been stripped of his shame and couldn’t care less that he was living in a near-animalistic way. I just pity the garbage man who has to dump that can, but I’m sure they’re unfortunately used to this by now.
Again, I make the call to Newsom that the approach towards the homeless aren’t working. We shouldn’t be seeing this. Those who visit our wonderful city shouldn’t be seeing this. And for the love of god, won’t somebody please think of the children?!! Sorry, just had to toss that in to try and give some sort of lightheartedness to this foul-o-city.