The Forgotten Deserter of Corey Glass

It’s amazing what happens when you stop reading the US news for awhile. I for one, as you may have noted yesterday, am a fan of BBC News. They cover stories and events that just don’t seem to make it in to the US coverage. This is ironic given that a lot of these stories deeply concern America and Americans, such as Corey Glass.
This name probably means nothing to anyone in the US and with good reason. Browsing, SF Gate, CNN, and the NY Times, I found no reference to this fellow. Ever. Who is he? He’s an Iraq deserter trying to manage to maintain asylum up in Canada. He came up on the BBC in some of a point-counterpoint discussion as he is very likely to be deported in the next month or so to the US to stand trial.
This is something of a change from the 1960’s where Canada allowed thousands of draft-dodgers to stay in Canada to avoid Vietnam. It is true that the situation is slightly different for this young guy in that there’s no draft (yet), but I still feel for him. I know from when I was graduating high school, those armed forces recruiters will tell you anything to get you to sign up and they won’t stop harassing you. Just watch Michael Moore’s Bowling for Columbine if you want to see them in action. They’re really horrid.
Undoubtedly, this guy was sold some line and then shipped off to Iraq, as, in theory, a reserve troop and he did the most logical thing that most of us would do in this situation; he ran the hell away from it. It doesn’t excuse what he did, but it’s pretty amazing that he could be put to death for this and also that we are hearing nothing about it here in the US. Liberal media? Yeah. Right.