The End of Summer Draws Near

You wouldn’t know it living in San Francisco, but apparently there is a Summer happening out there and it is nearly at a close. Really kinda flew by for me. A film shoot and the randomness of life will do that I suppose.
I’m not really sure how this Summer rates in the big scheme of a lifetime of seasons, but overall, it’s been pretty good. I like the fact that as it closes out (officially with the Labor Day weekend next week) I will have all my craziness paid off, such as the movie, new laptop, and [finally] my trip to Europe in April. Probably time to start planning the next trip, because really, that’s what you do once you get this kind of thing paid off.
I probably really need to give a shout out to my kitchen because it is, in a word, “tight”. The addition of my Slovenian table a few months ago really pulled the thing together. I look forward to my time with my kitchen this Fall and the parties it will fuel in foodly ways.