The Elisha Burrito Project

It’s been really hot here and not in a, “Oh, this is so nice, let’s go out and get a tan.” kind of way, but in more of a, “This is hell. Let’s do like cats and try not to move all day.” kind of way. At any rate, as I was eating a fine chunk of guacamole in a burrito from my little burrito place down the street, I was reminded of my good friend, Elisha, who is in Oxford, England right now working on a Masters Degree. Apparently, much to the contrary of our heat wave, Oxford is still having snow and also much to the contrary of our cuisine here, they have no burritos in Oxford. This fact is punctuated by the fact that Elisha typically punctuates any email I get from her with, “Burrito” in some form of pain and longing for that elusive Mexican food.
So, I would propose that if there is a kind-hearted soul taking a flight from New York into Oxford that they would be so kind as to pick up a burrito and deliver it to her. I realize this is a strange request, but once you’ve had yourself a good burrito, it’s hard to live without them again and no, I’m not talking about that garbage from Taco Bell. I’m talking about something that has the words “Taqueria” or “Dos” or “Hombre Hambre” in the name of it.
Naturally, at this point in epicurean lows Miss Elisha has been forced to exist it, a hearty crepe, blini, plattar, burek, tapa, or blintz would even be appreciated, I’m sure. Elisha can you hear me? Are you fading over there? I know your cilanthro count must be getting really low.
Of course I’m just kidding around with all this, since this fine lady will be back in burrito country in no time, once the program is over, but I just get reminded of it every time I sink my teeth into a tasty Burrito Grande with sour cream, cilanthro, black beans, guacamole, and a mean house-made salsa. Mmmmmmmmm….