The Doofus Look

For some reason, the latest trend in fashion is for guys to look like a sloppy ass. I realize that grunge was something that happened and it was a bit on the sloppy side, but this new look basically says, “Hi there. I didn’t tip my barber last time and got this hair cut this time. My razor fell apart this morning. My fat brother dared me to wear his pants. My mom gave me a gift certificate to LL Bean. And, oh yeah, I really really really really really really wanna be a DJ.”
You can see this stupid look in commericials these days, such as the billboards that are around for Pillsner Urquell. You can see it it fashion magazine spreads. There’s this quasi-Kutcher thing that all the designers has decided is the new hot thing.
A shining example of all this was this guy walking next to me as I was coming home from work the other day. He was a normal looking guy about my height, but then again he wasn’t normal. He looked like an asshole. There were the jeans that were too big with the scruffy crap beard, bad haircut, big wannabe cowboy jacket and the big headphone cans on his ears. As I was wondering what the hell was going through the guy’s head besides the “new” Fat Boy Slim, I realize that he wasn’t neccessarily a doofus looking guy, he was just cultivating that look. It’s such a strange thing. So much so, that I think I want to go out and get another suit just so that I make sure never to fit in with these guys.