The Darkness

It’s a lonely and isolated time of year when we shift clocks and suddenly your evening is far from even with your morning. The commute home is a difficult one. You feel as if you’re returning from night school, a parent-teacher conference, or some other thing that has taken up an otherwise serene evening.
It’s so difficult on the Bart as you drift from one station to another like an owl lifting from one tree to perch in another. In the darkness they all pretty much look the same. You lose track of time and for humans that always makes it take so long for things to go by when you’re not having fun.
It’s weather like this that breeds large blankets and a general indoors quality to life that we come to know and love as warm apple cider weather. Well, maybe not everyone, as there is always the espresso and other beaned concoctions to warm your throat as it grows ragged from the dry cold that swirls outdoors.
This darkness will pass. Again we’ll see everything. But for now, it’s a lonely affair. Maybe that’s the reason we dress warmer and thicker; not to keep the cold out, but to keep everyone away as we turn into Scandanavians.