The Daily Show

I quote this show too much. I watch it too religiously. I love this show. It seems to be the only way I can digest my news these days, since it gives it to you in a comedic format that doesn’t make you want to vomit from what Bushie is doing to the country on any particular day.
I guess you could say that host, Jon Stewart is left leaning and sides with the Democrats, but honestly, if you want to be objective about it, he’s a very good host and interviewer who is able to be very even handed with people that are either whacko anarchist left or whacko fascist right. Of course for the most even handed reporting, I recommend the New Hour on PBS. Yes, I know, PBS… but they approach everything by showing both sides of the argument. Not an easy feat.
Anyways, The Daily Show is a triumph. I think their growing success and brilliance comes from the fact that they don’t really talk down to the audience, they talk down to themselves. The make fun of themselves and what they report in a fashion that I think only the British are able to top. And, they do all this without stopping to vomit or scatological jokes that they can’t seem to resist on shows like Saturday Night Live.
There are of course times when I’m a little frustrated by them because the show they have on is a repeat. But, as they say, they like to take off as much time as he President does. Why only half as much? Well, Dubya has a lot of brush to clear in Crawford, you know.
In all honesty though, the grueling schedule they keep up in producing a humorous show four nights a week must be tough. SNL seems to only be able to do it for on occasion for ten minutes once a week and often it isn’t entertaining. Of course, the show does have its off nights, but that is always the true mark of brilliance, in that when you often fail when you try things. If you aren’t failing when you try things sometimes, then you either aren’t trying hard enough or your broadcasting on one of the big four networks.