The Dachshund Jacket Experiment

Sometime ago, I wrote up the proper way to wash a dachshund, which is a massively important thing to document. Expanding upon this, I would like to discuss the attempts to put a jacket on the very same dachshund. Let me state that he has done nothing to really earn this honor other than being adorable and always, always cold.
So, #1 Fan and I were bopping around Polk Street in San Francisco last November when we came upon a pet store with some really great things for dogs. One of which was red, waterproof, fleece-lined jacket to fit a dachshund. The dachshund I talk about constantly is the family dachshund. He is nothing short of the most ridiculous, albeit lovable character, who makes me realize that yes, you really don’t need a TV, when you have life with a dachshund.
Anyways, this little guy hates the rain. As I mentioned previously, he is also always cold. He’ll sit in one of his many doggy beds (including one that was formerly the cat bed) when it’s 30C (85F in metric-so-scary-land) and start shivering until he gets his blanket put on him. The only time he is actually warm enough is when he is lying on the hot tile out on the terrace with the afternoon sun bathing him in heat. He gets so hot that you could probably fry and egg on him, but he is happy then.
So, with this in mind, we bought the jacket. It seemed like the most perfect thing we could do. We sent it to Spain. It turned out it was too big. It was altered (the jacket, not the dachshund) and then it fit. It was tried on him indoors and he seemed to like it, but once taken outside, he hated it. He wouldn’t walk in it and refused to move until it was taken off. In a word, he felt humiliated as much as a dog can feel humiliation.
The jacket was then promptly stored for a good many months and the dachshund was reverted to blanket warmth through the cold months. Then we arrived and decided that another shot should be taken with the jacket. You can see the results below, which summarize the complete failure of the new experiment. He really hates the damned thing and the only reason we could figure is that it doesn’t have enough of his smell or the smell of creamy cheeses on it. A future experiment might involve allowing him to sleep on it before putting it on him. In time, he might adjust. Then again, we might just have to keep putting the blanket on him every time it falls off with full jacket acclimation never being reached.
The Dachshund Jacket Experiment