The Current Face of the Liberal

I consider myself a liberal and given the mainstream view of what a “liberal” is these days, I’m extremely, way-left liberal. I believe in public education as well as health. I happen to like the environment a good deal, eat organic, recycle like a madman, and don’t own a car. I don’t buy new clothes or much of anything new as I don’t find contributing to consumerism to be a worthwhile pursuit. I’m also thoroughly not keen on arms stockpiling or war in general.
Yet, when people who don’t know me meet for the first time, they often think that I’m a conservative and possibly a smoker (the second half I just don’t get). I might add that they assume this before they even speak to me. Why is this? The answer is obvious. It’s because I keep my hair short, shave often, and bathe regularly, that I’m not seen as being some sort of tree hugger, even though I most certainly am. This view that the liberal is a smelly, dirty hippie is one that is continually promoted by the media. After all, it’s much easier to paint one side of politics in to that group and the other side as suit wearing, bible thumping blow hards. It makes the job of the media much, much easier when you just have to cover two sides as opposed to all the gradations in between far left and far right as incorrect as this may be.
My ire was spiked by the fact that in Berkeley a protest is happening right now about some Marines recruitment center. I have no ideas as to all the details and frankly don’t care other than the fact that the photos covering this clash of two sides (tree hugger vs. bible thumper) just continue this assumption that all of us in the Bay Area who are in the left, look like the guy shown below. This guy and I have nothing in common except our politics, yet he gets to represent my beliefs, while I don’t. I’m just flat-out tired of this, but I doubt that we’ll ever really see a solution to it, since only having black and white, right or wrong, left and right, is proving to be very profitable and no one would ever see fit to change it and get something like a coalition government in place to allow for all of the political rainbow to participate in the government. Oh and don’t even get me started on rainbows and what they represent. I used to love them as a kid until that wasn’t cool anymore either…
The Current Face of the Liberal

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  1. Well said. I’m also afraid to report that your website may now have lice from your decision to put this guy’s photo on it. Sorry.

    1. Well, if nothing else, it’s ugged the crap out of the site for the time being.

      While I felt that I had to write about it (Berkeley decided they were in the wrong by the way, whoop dee doo) I realize now that I have to write a whole hell of a lot more to kick Lock Master Funk off the homepage. Notice that there is no tag put on this for dreadlocks as I already get far too much traffic from these fools.

    2. No worries. You made me realize that a little user proofing was in order, so thanks to your double comment (which I deleted) this system is a bit tougher now. So, thanks!

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