The Chronicle Has Failed Us

Well, I feel let down; betrayed even. For a local newspaper, The Chronicle has done a great disservice to San Francisco and California at large by their endorsement of Schwarzenegger. Sure, they give their reasons:

There are never any guarantees in politics, of course, but in our view the willingness of a leader to openly admit mistakes and to change course — in substance and in style — is refreshing and healthy.

But seriously, how is everyone forgetting how he was just a few months ago? Just because he seems to be better lately, that makes him good? That’s like saying because Stalin put in a couple of schools and a hospital or two before he died he was all right (I was going to use a Hitler reference instead here, but found it to be far too on the nose). Arnold has just changed face, but it would be really funny if it ended up costing him his Republican base in the end. This probably won’t happen and most likely we’re going to be stuck with the former Austrian for another painful four years while he goes back to his old ways only to change again before the next election so that weak rags like The Chron can endorse him again.
Damn you Angelides. Why did you have to go and beat Westly? We was by far a better candidate than you and no, I don’t think I tossed my primary vote by casting it for him. I guess we’ll see what Tuesday has in store.