The Cheap Seats

I suppose it is my own fault for reserving so far in advance and haggling on the price, but I seem to keep getting hotel rooms that are next door to or underneath construction. And much like the US, construction starts at the asscrack of 7AM.
The City Hotel (formerly Hotel Turist) is undergoing massive renovation and so I do not think it is an isolated problem there. That will probably be a very nice spot once they get done.
But with the Palace Hotel in Zagreb, I think they really stuck me in a cheap seat of a room. It should normally be 170€ a night a room and I got mine for 90€. Apparently, there was a cost to this and I am experiencing it now.
It would not be so back if I did not have the mild cold that I do. But as it is, I am a bit sick and I just have to deal with it for the time being. Ah shucks.
On a funnier note, the old guard at the hotel treats the younger guys like they are complete idiot stooges. “I told you, open the door for him!” “But he opened it for himself.” “That is not the point, you knucklehead.” Smack! “Woop woop, woop…” and so forth. I love the Croats.