The Cellar is back open

This underground nightclub has reopened near the corner of Taylor on Sutter, next to the new Olypic Club parking lot.
I don’t really know of the reasons that it closed down, but I think there was something ill like a shooting or some kind of drug thing that happened there. I tried to Google around for a definite answer, but didn’t come up with one, so imagination will have to suffice.
Out of curiousity, I checked the place out and it’s decently done up. The bar staff is still having opening pains and is pretty slow to get drinks to you. Not to mention that my vodka tonic was a bit sweet, which is always weird.
There are a lot of dark corners and mirrors in the palce now, which are always cool and the subterranean feeling is something I’ve always been in to in a club.
The crowd when I was there wasn’t much to write home about. They were mostly BTP (Bridge Tunnel Penninsula) and other people who probably hopped off a party bus. Not that these are bad people, since they’re looking for a good time, but they’re really not my crowd and I tended to avoid places Broadway where they tend to congregate, since I’m not always in the “get completely sloshed” mode when I’m out and about.
The music was hit and miss, since there are two dance floors. One had a decent DJ that was spinning out tunes that were decent, but kind of bland. The other DJ was doing evil, terrible things to his tables and it seemed like he was more interested in impressing his DJ friends than playing for the patrons. It was pretty obvious since one of the floors was packed and the other where he was, was completely devoid of life. It just shows further proof for my theory of how to be a good DJ and the fact that there are a lot of really crappy DJ’s in San Francisco.
Anyways, The Cellar isn’t a bad palce to check out if you are looking for a good time and it will probably get a decent regular crowd as time goes on. If you’re looking for more of a bar, check out Tunnel Top – or Le Colonial. Both are in the same area and Colonial is more of a dance place than Tunnel Top if you’re looking to get your groove on, instead of your drink on.