The Brilliance of Madonna

To be quite honest, I’ve never truly cared for her music, but every so often, Madonna hits a decent note and makes something I can listen to. Most fo the rest of the time, she is marketing herself extremeley well. She’s had a considerable amount of influence and push on pop culture for a person who isn’t a particularly great singer and is a really bad actor. For this ability of hers I salute the Material Girl.
Lately though, her new song, “Hung Up” has been circulating the air and radio waves. It’s a fine song. It’s got a good groove to it. And most importantly, it would fit in perfectly on a Royksopp album. Is this a coincedence? Eh, most likely not. Madonna is damn good at taking bits from other artists who are currently producing and tossing out records under her name. I don’t think that there’s anything wrong with this since everyone who is an artist does this to some degree, but what’s really amuzing is that critics and journalists will always talk about her new sound or discovery on whatever album she has out. Little do they know that if they actually listened to that band from Norway with the strange name, they’d be experiencing a deja vu moment. Of course, very few kids in the market these days know who the hell some of these groups are, so people like Madonna can get away with such tricks. Does this mean her music won’t have staying power because it isn’t legitimately her own creation? Maybe. Maybe not. Her old songs are classic despite being derivative. Some of her less than older songs aren’t. It’s just the way it goes.
I do have to say that for a woman who is very quickly closing in on 50 and has had two kids, she does look really good in her new video. Yes, she does look older, that’s inevitable. I don’t know what ho-hum filmmaker like Guy Ritchie did in a former life to be so lucky. At least he, unlike Senor Federline, is smart enough to realize who wears the pants in that relationship and even admit it in interviews.