The Big 500

Well, here it is, post number 500. I guess it’s not really so much writing for nearly three years of blather, but it’s something of a milestone to me nonetheless.
Where am I now as opposed to number 1? Well, I’m kinda back to where I was except that instead of living in Oakland working as a freelance web developer, I’m now living in San Francisco proper. I’ve seen a lot of work between these two points including working as an IT Manager, which was definitely a departure from my main choice of vocation. It was a valuable experience though.
There have been two trips to Croatia with a third very, very soon. If you’ve been reading for any length of time you’ve seen my carry on about this facet in particular.
Ah yes, one other bit is the fact that I have no lady now as opposed to September of 2003. Some things come to an end and some things chance. I suppose the parting was something of both. We’ll see how things progress there.
On another note, you might have noticed that things look just a wee bit different. We’ll see if I keep this look. What I like about it right now is that it’s very lightweight and that’s a good thing for when traveling abroad and not having high speed internet. Maybe I’ll keep it for awhile or add some more style elements to it. Maybe I’ll put a dachshund in to the design like I was intending, but we shall see. I just thought it fitting to put the site on to its fifth iteration in appearance given the amount of articles published.