The beat does not go on

Don’t know if you remember my DJ rules to live by here but I was out again over the weekend and ran into another DJ that had trouble listening to those rules at Ruby Skye. Now, this is a very hip, gorgeous club at Geary and Mason in SF – and I was able to frogive a lot of the faux pas that this guy was doing, but at the same time, it was really hard to listen to him. The biggest rule that did not follow was losing the beat. His music looped over and over and didn’t really change much either, but it was the fact that he keep dropping the beat that made him hard to listen to.
Luckily at around midnight, someone with more experience and probably a helluva musical background came on to take over and he was able to stick to the four simple rules for DJing. Guess what, the guy was great and I wish I had had more of a chance to listen to him, but it was off to other clubs and adventures.
Oh by the way, while the alcohol is about the same price as any other venue in SF, the cover charge at Ruby Skye is what’s gonna really get you, since it’s $20 on any night of the week, unless you manage to be female, have a low cut shirt on and can get yourself on the guest list early on.