The Bass in Yer Face

Ugh. It is only upon my return to the US that I have realized how over the top the damned bass is here. Every doofball has gone out and gotten himself a massive stereo to announce his insignificant pressence to the world, or at the very least those without a three block radius.
You just don’t see this in Europe on such a large scale. Sure, there are the singular idiots who have got this stuff hooked up, but it seems that most find it dumb to have a stereo that blows out your ears, when really, you don’t need something that damned loud. Some might say it’s a matter of taste, but I think it’s a matter of common sense and just giving a damn for maybe just one more person than yourself.
Unfortunately, like a lot of things in Europe, the bass does seem to be spreading and I will be curious to see if legislation (especially in France) gets passed that bans the sale of speakers that will output 130 decibels and actually need a second battery to handle to energy load that some of these systems do. How dumb is that? You need extra power for your stereo. Ever thing about what this might be doing to your car? No, actually these guys probably don’t. They are too deaf to hear all the body components rattling and too busy trying to overcompensate (read, yes, you are a pathetic, Kevin Federline wigger white boy) to care.