The Balance of Largeness

These laws of physics are pretty curious things in the world. While I can’t quite quote any particular one perfectly (I usually got around a C- in Physics classes) I do know that there is a good deal to do with balance in the world.
This comes out in strange ways though, because it all revolves around mass and in this case, the general mass of human beings. You see, I’ve lost somewhere around 10 pounds since leaving my last job. It’s a healthy amount and I had to work hard to shed it. But, as I found out from a couple of friends, they’ve recently gained some weight so I’m glad to see that my efforts were well rewarded.
I’ve seen this before in the past though. I’ll gain weight, others will lose it. I’ll lose weight, others will gain it. It makes me believe that there is a some kind of general fatness to the world and we really all just share it around. A depressing thought with the holiday season quickly coming upon us? Probably. Just try to be on the lighter side. There’s always some computer dweeb playing the just-released Civilization 4 who weighs in at 350 pounds who can take up some of your slack. Hopefully it just won’t be me.