The Attached Strings of Things

You know, I get really bothered when a company wants to give me an offer, but wants to get something out of me above and beyond my money. The reason I bring this up is because H&M sent out a 25% off promotion to some people. A friend forwarded it to me and just to keep my options open, I wanted to get the coupon.
Now, I rarely shop at H&M anymore as they use sweatshops and 3rd world labor to make just about everything they sell. But on the off chance, something in there isn’t from one of these places, I might feel tempted to buy it, thus the interest in having a 25% coupon.
So, going to their site to get the coupon at I was more than slightly perturbed by the fact they wanted a rather large slew of my personal information to get this coupon. I’m not happy about that, but I proceeded through the hoops to get to the final page to download the coupon. But as it turns out, you don’t need to do this, just to this link – here and you can keep all your private info to yourself if you want.
I might add that this coupon is only good from December 7, 2007 to December 9, 2007, so if you happened upon this article sometime in the future, it ain’t gonna do you much good. Happy shopping and watch those labels!

Ah, tricky buggers. Looks like they already fixed the link. Better luck next time…