The Apple Store Killed My Buzz

It was a nice evening two ago. While the fog was rolling in, there was that something in the air. Something of a suspense to the weather that you only get in SF when the fog rolls in, in the evening. It was probably accentuated by the fact that I was attending a launch party for this company called Genius at the SF MOMA. It was, as these things go, fine. The wine was flowing. The CEO got up and did the normal kind of speech that these guys give, being more a cheerleader for the company than anything else. They did a video presentation and all this other stuff. And did I mention the wine was flowing?
After the speech we were given access to the current exhibit which is one of Calder and was quite nice. We meandered around and decided that it was probably the end of that segment of the night. Three glasses of wine makes you feel pretty good. And so I left with my friend I was there with.
Up Market we drifted, crossing at Stockton, when my companion realized the need for an iPod cable since we were right at the Apple Store. So, in we walked and immediately the nice feeling I had from the wine quickly faded away as I was surrounded by twit upon twit trying out iPods. Yeah, there were the occassional folks looking at an actual Apple computer, but they know what sells there. It’s the iPod and it’s the iPod accessories. This of course sucked as that’s where we needed to go. It was really nice to find out that (upon finally flagging down an Apple Lackey) that the cable needed to go from the iPod to the computer for syncing and charging was $19. WTF?!! This is basically a USB cable with one end being different. A basic USB cable is a couple of measely dollars. How on earth does this cost so much? Oh, yeah, it’s Apple. Pricks.
My buzz was gone. In its place, came the ire and rage that I always feel when I’m in an Apple Store, surrounded by people who are borderline Scientologists. I don’t get it and as I became more cohesive, I remembered the time I had to wait two hours in that same damned store to pick up a PowerMac G5 tower that had already been paid for. No, there wasn’t a good reason other than the fact, they’re Apple and they don’t care.

Here are a couple shots from the evening showing some of the party and some of the the exhibit.