The Academy of Art Lowers Property Values

I have absolutely not proof of this, but I can’t see any thing else being the case. At the very least, there’s no way they raise property values. As these blocks of black and tan roll out across the city, so do the students that inhabit them. And don’t get me wrong, I have some good friends who either went or are going to the Academy and are fine artists, but I believe that their talents would have surfaced regardless of where they went to school, even if it was !!gasp!! Junior College.
My rather strong distaste for an Academy building in a neighborhood stems from the fact that there are all these kids that come along with it. And yes, most of them are kids, from 18-22 at the oldest. It’s really the young ones that are the most annoying as they’re away from home for the first time, living out on their own and having no clue that there are other people around them because the worst of the lot come from these sheltered, over-encouraging familes who couldn’t really figure anything else to do with the kids besides toss them in an art school that is strong on teaching them how to use the latest whatevers, but seems to lack heavily on teaching fundamentals or true craft.
These kids going there aren’t kept busy, at least it seems that way to me. There are always the same kids out in front of the building across the street from me skateboarding, smoking, and lately, playing the instrument of Satan–bongo drums. Hanging out and skateboarding were just somewhat annoying. This new guy with the bongo drums has gone over the top as he thinks he’s insanely cool, hip, and a true artist. He doesn’t realize he’s just a stoned idiot sitting on the pavement wearing a fake fur jacket and looking like someone you’d feel a need to toss some change to if you didn’t notice how he has his piercings just right to look faux-rebel, in which case if you did, you’d just kick him repeatedly. So, I wonder what is up with guys like him and others who seem to just be hanging out on the street all day, because it doesn’t seem like they do any schoolwork, which I would think to be the point of their being in the dorm of an art school. The saddest thing being that whether it be skateboarding or bongo drumming, they really suck and no matter how much time they spend out there, they still suck, which means they’re not getting good at anything. I hope they closely watch how the baristas at Cup A Joe make coffee.
Naturally many people are probably wondering why I would have chosen to move in across the street from something I despise so much. First off, I had no idea how bad some of these brats are and didn’t believe others who told me about them before I encountered it first hand. So, a bit of ignorance is in part, some of the blame. Secondly, I didn’t choose to move in across the street from the dorm. About four months after I moved in to my apartment building and like a Vogon Construction Fleet coming out of nowhere, the damned Academy bought a building across the street that used to be a hotel. In short order, they remodelled it and the little torn-jeans-with-zippers they sewed on artsy-kids moved in.
I miss the days when there were the college bars you would stay away from in Chico or your biggest fear in Berkeley was someone getting in your face at a restaurant because you were eating meat. I know how it is for people living in towns as anyone over the age of 25 stayed at least four blocks from the UC Berkeley campus at all times and once I turned 24, I felt that I was really needing to move, so I did.
Long gone are the days of kids sitting in cafes and arguing over a cappucino about whether Molliere or Proust would kick the other’s ass on a Sony PlayStation Portable. Now, they just play the PSP’s and try to scam other people’s bandwidth for a wireless connection because they’re bohemian and can’t afford something like that man. Which reminds me, it’s probably time to shorten the range of my wireless network…