The 5th of July?

As I’m sitting here on Independence Day and enjoying my day off from work, I’m realizing that there is little I can do tonight in the way of festivities because tomorrow I have to go in to work. Work of course is made all the more difficult if one is hungover or even just tired from getting to sleep late.
Naturally this all got me to thinking about why we take off the 4th of July? Obviously this is the actual day of the holiday and needs to be celebrated justly, but if you think about it, most of the activites of today are at night. Wouldn’t it make more sense to work a half day on the 4th and then take off the 5th, or just take off the 5th? Me thinks so. After all, we get this right for Thanksgiving where we take the day after the big meal off. Who doesn’t need a day off to recover from all the turkey. And who doesn’t need a day off to recover from the fireworks we watch and booze we all drink.
There are of course those that make a whole day out of the celebration and would be pained not to get the whole day off, but I would think those need even more time off than those of us who are just up late from the “ooohing” and “ahhhing” at the bright lights. I doubt this will ever come about, but it’s just a thought about how mercilessly cruel we are to ourselves in the USA. The Croatians have got it right and always take another day off after the day of the holiday, like I found out on Easter. And if they can do, then so can we, I think.