The 15 Minutes of Wait at Dosa

I’m sure you’ve experienced this when eating out and having to put your name in for a reservation with the host/hostess and you ask how much time it will be. “Oh. Eh…” and he/she does that full body shrug, “Maybe about 15 minutes or so.” And like a sucker you put your name in.
I’ve eaten out enough to know that this 15 minutes is always a load of crap. Just tack on another 15 and you might get close to the time you’ll be shuffled in for seating. And maybe not. They just seem to get a kick out telling people that it will be 15 minutes. It’s like a power trip or something.
Such was the case the last time I ate at Dosa, which I have to first say that I love. Well, I love the service, wine list, and most importantly the food. The people who work at the podium always suck. I’m guessing they must be instructed to suck by someone, although I’ve talked to the owner and he’s an incredibly friendly guy.
This last time though, I got the, “Just 15 minutes.” line from the girl up front. Some space cleared up at the bar so my party and I wandered over there. It was then that I could see the little seating computer thing that the girl was using. It was interesting because we got there at 8:00. There was another group of three like us, who have arrived at 7:25 and she was still waiting to seat them. So, it makes me wonder how on earth she could tell me that it was going to be 15 minutes. Obviously, it was a 30 minutes, or as when I saw that group finally sat, a 45 minute wait.
It’s nearly enough to make me ‘X’ (cheers, Len) Dosa off my restaurant going out list. I say nearly enough because I just love the food too much. I will have to at least try some other places, or go to places that take reservations because the whole show up and beg to be seated thing does suck just a wee tad. Maybe this will be better if they get around to opening up that second restaurant some day.
The 15 Minutes of Wait at Dosa