The 1,000 Spam Barrier

GMail is a pretty damn good webmail system. I’ve been using it for some time and have been quite happy. To have automatic virus scanning is great. To have automatic spam blocking is even better and has been a very useful thing for me to have.
Like any good quasi OCDer, I used to delete all the spam that would collect in my spam folder as soon as it was there. Then, upon realize that they deleted it after 30 days, I just thought, “Screw it. That time could be spent laughing at fat squirrels trying to climb trees.” I started letting it collect and it was pretty amazing to see how much spam I would have received had I let it pass through. As it sits currently, there are about 1,010 spam messages sitting in that folder. Yeah, that’s right, I get over 1,000 spam emails a month. And this is to an email that isn’t listed anywhere. It was brand new about a year ago and this is how much junk hits it a month.
It’s proof that you really need some kind of spam filter on your email and also proof that every piece of spam legislation (specifically CAN-SPAM) has been a waste of time and tax dollars. At least we get cutsie names for said programs.