The “Walmart moms” bring on the blamin’

The BBC ran an article about how decisive the “Walmart mom” is going to be in the US 2012 election and even went so far as to interview a member of this refined class of American:

Looking around Mrs Abbarno’s spacious home, with its pool and deck, the signs of distress are not immediately obvious.

But she and her husband, Dan, bought it for $220,000 (£140,000) in 2004.

Two years later, when they refinanced to build a new kitchen, it was valued at $400,000.

Now it’s worth $153,000 and the couple owes $318,000.

“We’re in way over our heads,” Mrs Abbarno says. “It’s very hard to make the payments every month.”

I always love how these “no shit” moments from people become their excuse for blaming the current leadership for not “helpin’ them make it better like”. And naturally, I really want to see this kitchen that seems to have cost $180,000 as it must be the size of an additional home and have a Porsche for a dining table. Obviously, none of this is her own doing…