The touch of ‘ass’ in Assumption, is good for you

I’m not religious at all and in general, I think those who are don’t really get much of out it, although they’d never admit to it and probably try to punch/shoot me if I pressed them on this issue. Of course, there is the exception of religious holidays which do benefit us all. In this case, August 15th, which is celebrated in Christian spheres as the Assumption of Mary. I mean, good for her that she got up in to heaven and all, but did she happen to think what would happen by doing it in the middle of August?

First off, most people don’t even realize there’s a holiday on August 15th. In the US, it isn’t a holiday. In Europe, everyone is wearing thongs and smoking at the beach for the whole month, so to think that there’s an actual holiday today seems a bit redundant. That is unless you wanted to actually buy something as literally everything is closed. If you didn’t buy food on the 14th, you will be entering a fast until the 16th.

At first, this seems annoying, especially as there are many who can’t go on holiday for all of August and will use this date at the start of a two week holiday in August, thus furthering the close-edness of things. But, there’s something to be said for it. This small, 24 hour pause is good for us all, unless of course you get stuck going to shitty family meals, in which case it’s no holiday at all.

But, if you can pull back and shut off for a day, you get a chance to breath and reset a little. Lord knows this should happen more in the US as the fact it doesn’t makes people a touch nutty. Anyways, off to have some chilled Bourbon in salute of the Blessed Virgin.

PS – If for some reason you can’t take a day off here and there for some reason I can’t fathom, at least delete your Facebook profile. Without that churning digital turd in your life, time and space take on new meanings.