The “Siberian Peninsula”

As you can see in the photo above, there is a general premise that there are days in the year wherein you can relax on a lawn chair, in the shade, and be quite happy. Today was not one of those days as the northern reaches of Catalonia were blanketed by snow. Ironically, these weren’t the coldest temperatures had as of late, but the mix of proper degrees below Celsius and precipitation made for a decent dusting this morning. Naturally, given that current news media is nothing if not inspirational, they’ve dubbed this, the “Siberian Peninsula”.

All of this is nothing short of ironic as last Sunday I had stood outside grilling some meat with friends who were up from Barcelona for the day and commenting on the fact that at the end of January we were able to stand outside and grill meat. Other parts of the world obviously did not have such luxury. It appears that those other parts of the world have made a layover here, at least through the weekend.

It’s important to point out that, unlike San Francisco, where civilization collapses when there is the slightest sprinkle of rain, most everything is still working fine in Catalonia. All the trains are running, the roads are open, and asshole hunters are meandering through the woods with shotguns in the early hours of the morning looking for… whatever it is you go to hunt in the snow.