The science of the nap

People often assume that because I’m regularly not up in the earlier morning that I’m not a “morning person” and am more of a “night owl”. This isn’t really true as I absolutely adore mornings. If I could be up and about at 07:00, I’d be thrilled. In those random occasions where I’m up this early (typically due to jetlag) I love watching the place I’m in wake up and start their day. The only catch in all of this is that I don’t want to go to bed early enough to make it happen. Laying down at 22 or even 23:00 is painful to me as that’s when everyone starts shutting the fuck up and I can start getting things done.

On larger sleep matters though, I naturally turn to Catalonia and in particular Quim Monzó. In a recent interview on Ara he made a number of poignant statements such as friends being a “facebook-esque” concept given that friends are something of a joke. But beyond this, he brought up the topic of the “morning nap”. Essentially, his day goes along the lines of getting up, having breakfast, reading the paper, taking a morning nap, getting up, doing a little more, having lunch, then having the afternoon nap, getting work done in the evening prior to dinner, dinner, doing a little more work, and then sleep.

I’ve long been a fan of the afternoon nap, although it is nearly impossible in San Francisco unless one resorts to earplugs. This concept of a morning nap I’ll have to investigate further though as I must admit that once the euphoria of coming to terms with the world when I first wake up passes, I do feel a bit drowsy. A little 20 minute slumber around 11:00 would hit the spot. Despite the economy being shit in Catalonia, they are not lacking for genius ideas.