The other wines from down under

While living in Ivory Coast, there came a point where I needed a break from the constant humidity and power cuts to go somewhere that didn’t have the same amount of hours for day and night; ie non-equatorial. As it turned out, cashing in a small wad of airline miles was going to get me from Abidjan to Cape Town via Nairobi & Johannesburg in a lot cheaper manner than if I had to pay to fly there from the US or Europe and so I took advantage of it. Of course, I wouldn’t recommend the multiple red eye flights it took to get there.

I also took advantage of that time spent there and went around to the wineries in the Stellenbosch area. Today, the resulting guide for Stellenbosch is now out. It took awhile to get it done, but I’m generally working on four guides at a time, so one can understand why it took so long to get everything balanced out.

I think it turned out well. It gives a good, general overview of the area that someone can pick up on their e-reader tablet or Apple device to take with them when they travel there. Handy in that you don’t have to lug yet another book with you. And, everyone should try and make the trek down to Cape Town. It’s an absolutely glorious place to visit. Just mind the baboons.