The Israel passport “stamp”


In cleaning up various paper detritus floating around my desk as we near the end of another year, I came across a small souvenir from my trip to Israel in March which is how the Israelis go about “stamping” your passport which is to say, they don’t. A lot of people worry that upon arrival in Tel Aviv you will get a stamp from the country in your passport that will then cause you problems if you decide to enter various Arab countries.

For some time, they would apparently stamp on a separate piece of paper that you could keep, but in recent years they’ve done away with that and give you what literally amounts to a business card sized “receipt” of your entry and when you leave, your exit. Worrying that I needed to keep the entry one (as is the case in some countries), I kept it neatly tucked in to my passport for my one week stay. Upon offering it to the girl doing my outbound security clearance, she told me she had no need of it because everything was stored in their system including everywhere that I’d stayed.

It’s pretty damned efficient and honestly, I see this eventually being the way of the future and we will all bid adieu to our lovingly be-stamped passport pages.