The ignorance of Barna


There are many dumb things that people living in a city can call it as a nickname. Calling San Francisco, “Frisco” would be one of the more famous. I personally don’t hate it (honestly, “San Fran” sounds more idiotic, although “San Paco” would rock my business), but it’s become a code to know if you really live there or just a dumbass who doesn’t get that almighty “it”.

It gets trickier with Barcelona. The official nickname is “Barna”, but it’s amazing the amount of expats living here who supposedly speak Spanish who call it “Barça”. Prior to living here and visiting the first time, I made the mistake of calling it that, but was corrected quite quickly as they have not been. You see, “Barça” is the soccer team here and that’s all. If you say, “Yeah, I’m going to Barça”, it sounds like you’re going to watch a game. “I live in Barça” sounds even stranger and along the lines of your having some kind of seriously strange affliction.

Of course, then there are those that take it a step dumber, and are usually Anglophones, like this Guiri Girl in Barca who is but one example from a cast of thousands. This blogger is stellar because in addition to using the soccer team name, she also didn’t bother putting the “broken c” (ce trancada) and so she wrote that she’s a “Foreign Girl in Boat”. Come to think of it, that might have been what she actually meant to say as her blog seems to be for little more than complaining about how people don’t understand her supposedly fluent Spanish… in Catalonia.