The Elevator American


“Hey, I’m Brad, how’s it going?!! I just moved here to Barcelona. It’s totally awesome with the sea and tapas and all those things. Just glad there’s a Starbucks on the Ramblas, right? Listen, I’m working on this new App. You should totally try it out. What? No, it’s just for the iPhone now, but we’ll totally get an Android version out some day. But no, just check it out on an iPhone because like everyone has one, right? Right! It’s called Prayfer. It’s like Grindr for God! I’m from San Francisco, but I was born in Cleveland and I came to realize that if there’s one thing Christians want more of, it’s more God. It lets like-minded lovers of the Lord connect anywhere in the world where there’s a 3G connection to meet up and pray hard and freakin’ hard. Anyways, enjoy the rest of your lunch. I just thought you’d be interested when I saw the two of you sitting at this terrace eating and talking and I thought, man those two could use this App! Ciao!”

“Hey, I’m Brad, I moved here a little bit ago and I’ve been working in this Genius Incubator and we’ve come up with an App called Feedalister. We did some market research and found that if people want one thing, it’s food! This App brings the best of food to your iPhone. You wanted to know if it would make the guy over at that cheringitow bring you your drink faster to the beach? Totally! We’ll build that in in the next iteration! Oh, you want me to get you your drink? That’s hilarious man, I like you. Look, you should totally download the App though. What, you use a Blackberry? Dude, um, two words, ‘up’ ‘grade’. Just kiddin’! But seriously, get yourself an iPhone once you’re done smoking on the beach and totally check out this App. It will completely change how you eat food!”

“Hey! Hey! Hey, yeah, how are you! Yeah, it’s loud in this club! Yeah, I’ve been living in Barcelona for awhile! What?!! No, I’m from the US! Yeah, it’s awesome! But, look, you should check out this App my Incubation Cottage up in Example has been working on! No, it’s just for the iPhone, but we’re totally gonna make it cross-platform! What?!! No, here, take a look at it on mine! It’s a dating App for Barcelona! What?!! Oh, you’re going to go talk to that chick over there?!! Sure, that’s cool, but check out my App, we’re working with some of the people that built the AfriWater App last month!”

“Hey, these Bicings are awesome! I’m Brad by the way!”

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