The Catalan Bombay crisis

Photo by Hudin

When I buy booze, I buy big. Those dinky little 500ml bottles of Japanese whiskey shall have no place in my home–mostly as they’re fucking expensive, but also because why would I buy such a small bottle of whiskey? It’s like buying one pork sausage. No sense in that, no sense at all.

While American food conveyor belt, Costco is a stalwart ally to the big bottle aficionados of the world, I’ve never bought liquor from them and now in Spain, there is no Costco. Thankfully there are a handful of places where I can buy the “ginormous” bottle sizes of one liter. This, is nice, but I’ve had to learn to buy several bottles of something I like (hey there Bulleit Bourbon, how you doin’?) because when you go back, it’s vanished.

This is no more prevalently shown than in the shortage of Bombay Sapphire Gin bottles. The one liter bottles were plentiful just but a short year ago. Now, nothing. But, it goes beyond that and it’s actually quite hard to find 750ml bottles of Bombay Sapphire. The other, lesser Bombay “Dry Gin” is plentiful, but the Sapphire is like pernil on my plate in that it vanishes before you even realize it was there.

My pining for this particular gin exists in that fact that it’s one of my favorite for cocktails. I’m more of a brown water fan and E enjoys the clear alcohols more than I do, but the lack of this gin is problematic and we’ve had to stoop to substitutes like Gin Mare, which is tasty, but crazy expensive. Or, Giró which is inexpensive, being nearly at the same cost as an H&M t-shirt on sale and amazingly tasty for the price, but still not that blue bottled beauty, known as Bombay Sapphire.

Will this end? Is it just a result of the Gin & Tonic being so popular that people are taking it up and down every orifice currently? Is parent company, Bacardi trying to choke off the supply to Catalonia or even the region to the west of Catalonia known as the Autonomous Region of Greater Spain? You have some explaining to do Bacardi (don’t forget that you’re original Catalan), lest I fully convert to drinking vermouth in the late afternoon (19:00) followed by wine for the rest of the evening. Don’t take this threat lightly, Catalan vermouth is delectable.