The BART that never will be

I caught this on the insanely popular Laughing Squid and it’s a map of an imaginary BART system by a fellow named Jake Coolidge. After seeing this, I think I might have “no homo” crush on Jake’s work as I love the hell out of maps and for some time wanted to produce a London Underground style map of the current BART system. Alas, Jake not only did this, but ramped it up to 11 by drawing out what would have been the penultimate system wrapping up the San Francisco Bay Area in a comfortable mesh of public transportation to get literally everywhere.

Especially cool is the devoted line running from Oakland airport to SFO that would end the constant nut scratching in regards to management figuring out the best airport connection. Also impressive is how he’s kept the lines running through the Transbay Tube at four given there is a huge juggernaut there which require creating additional tubes/bridge lines to accommodate more lines.

About the only thing I would add to this map is some form of spoke that ran from a “Golden Gate Station” at the south end of the bridge, to F Fillmore, R Castro, Mission 24 Street, and Potrero Hill as the Golden Gate Station would pay for itself in tourist revenue and it would give a prevalent cross-town route that is horribly served by Muni.

For those who aren’t familiar, BART is a system local to the San Francisco Bay area that performs the function of Spanish Cercanías or the Parisian RER. It works as a system to quickly get people to key points in the major towns around San Francisco and of all the public transportation systems that exist, it is the best by running on time and reliably. Of course, it falls rather short of its original 1961 plan that would have connected a great deal more of the area.

For this I salute Jake’s interpretation and can only hope that somewhere down the line, someone in a position of power looks at it and thinks, “This can be done. We must do it.”