The 9,680th of 43,952

I’m assuming that this has probably been around since the Bay to Breakers race was over last month, but as is typical of most things in that race, it wasn’t communicated terribly well. I’ve no idea why that was, but I knew that somewhere my actual time must have been recorded and yes, there it was at this funky web page that I came across.

It appears that I finished the race in 1:19:08 which is about a 10:30 minute mile or a 6:30 minute kilometer. That’s definitely not terribly fast, but given that about a year ago I wasn’t able to finish running a mile at any speed without getting winded, I was just happy to complete the race more than anything else. Obviously, the days when I could run a five minute mile are probably long gone. So it goes. Age conquers all. At least I was in the “top” 22% of people to finish the race. Go me.