That’s Soooo Gay

All right, political correctness aside for a moment and as an amazing newsflash, we heterosexual men still use “gay” as something of a slam on things. Such as, “That is so gay.” or “Dude, what’s up with the gayness?” or “Please, those shoes with that belt at this social are so gay because they clash with my trousers. I hate you for wearing the on this evening. Hate you. Hate you. Hate you!” Forgetting about how stupid and juvenile this is (men never truly grow out of puberty afterall) its funny how this all gets used and is in fact one hell of a subjective thing.
Case in point, I like the ballet. I never really thought I’d be in to the ballet, but after a few trips with my girlfriend to the ballet (specifically SF Ballet) I’ve really gotten to like this. Of course, I made the mistake of mentioning this to my boss and my employee at work. Naturally their reaction, being the proto-typical males of today, was to laugh at it and say that it was “gay”.
Now, let’s talk about things that are gay, like baseball. Not only is a pretty lame sport, but it’s also something these two guys like a lot. Let’s see… a bunch of guys, running around in what are essentially tight pajamas, being watched for their physical prowess, and smacking each other on the ass when they “score”. That sounds about as gay as bath house in the Castro.
So, let’s take ballet for a second. Yes, there are guys prancing around in tights, but there also happen to be women prancing around in tights and other outfits that are much more revealing. And let me mention that these women have some of the most fit bodies I’ve ever seen in my life. If you appreciate nothing else about ballet (the artistry, the music, the perfection of it) then you’ve got to at least admire the women and conversely if you’re a woman, I would assume you’d admire the guys.
There’s no ass slapping in ballet. There are men and women on the stage and if they’re dancing to a story, it’s also something about the things that heterosexual people do, like fall in love, fight, and make beautiful music together. I’m not really seeing this in baseball. I don’t see much in baseball except drunken guys watching other guys hop around a field together.
I guess you can say that I just don’t get it, but that’s fine. Baseball fans can keep their ass slapping. I’ll just enjoy my tight-bodied ballet ladies. Thanks, gents.