That’s it, California is going to bomb Hawaii

As most people know by now, we have yet another actor for governor of California. This, to me and many others is simply terrible, not for his being an actor but for what he stands for politically. Although most of us who aspire to liberal and socialist values have gotten used to the idea of an arrogant white male Republican heading things with Bushie boy as president currently.
Ultimately I’m very disappointed in the voters of California. The whole reason behind the recall was to get someone new and better in office. I admit, I wasn’t a huge fan of Grey Davis and am not teary-eyed at seeing him go, but at the same time, I certainly don’t blame him for all the woes that have hit California lately. Many people in California did. People seem to need somebody to kick when they’re down it seems. But, the biggest irony in all of this is that people wanted to replace Davis, they wanted someone new in, they wanted change. Electing a Republican who is very firmly entrenched in the Republican system and party is not change. Honestly, I probably would have voted for Arnold if he was a Green Party or even Independent candidate. But as it stands, he has been a very very devote Republican and I simply do not agree with or can even stomach that party and what they generally stand for.
I guess in a large degree I’m very disappointed in the Democrats. They should have rallied behind Davis. While not a popular governor, he was the head of this state and this is a very important state for the Demos to have in their pocket come presedential election time. Not supporting him pretty much goes against all the reasons to be a member of a political party.
Ultimately though, I know that when things are bad, those in power get blamed. I don’t see any turnaround happening in the economy any time soon and so I live with the solace that perhaps some of the people with whom I have great issue will be deposed. And hopefully, there won’t be too many more innocent people caught in the crossfire from this deranged and bloodlusting president we currently have.