That shouldn’t be

You ever just happen to be sitting there and start thinking, “Wow, I should really get rid of that dual boot setup on my laptop. I mean, I never really use the Linux system and I just hate having to wait for grub to do it’s thing.” And then you just happen to be sitting there and you erase your Linux partitions thinking that the Windows ntbootloader will reassert itself. And then you restart and grub is still there. And then you reinstall Windows just to get at you files and that doesn’t really work?
So, at this point, you’re probably saying, “Why no Michael, that hasn’t happened to me and I have no idea what the hell you were just talking about.”
Well, that is one of the curses of being computer literate is that sometimes you try to read between the lines and do things that the system jsut really doesn’t want to do.
I will have time to ponder over this rather vast interpretation of what I did to my laptop as I reformat and reinstall all my programs today.
Live and learn!