That Effin’ Donut

Crap! What is it with carmakers these days? Besides Volkswagon, all of them are still including these damned donut spare tires that aren’t worth the scant rubber they’re made of. Why do they do this? Is it a cost or weight thing? I’d be happy to pay the extra ten bucks or whatever it is to get a real spare tire if that’s all it takes since these bicycle tires you wrap on your car in an emergency are pretty useless.
I discovered this after last weekend when I rented a Pontiac Grand Am G6 from the local Budget. As a side note, I gotta say that this isn’t a bad car. For being something that GM, the crapper of all car manufacturers puts out, it’s pratically amazing. There’s pep. There’s handling. There’s comfort. I’m not sure how it would last long-term, but the couple of hundred miles I drove in it weren’t bad at all. That was, until I got a flat.
I had to bust of the donut and figure out this freakin’ Rubik’s Cube of a tire jack and wrench (something else that has been over-engineered) to replace the tire. Once on, it was just sad. This miserable little tire surrounded by all these real tires. I felt embarassed for it.
I hear that you’re only supposed to drive 50 miles at 55 miles per hour tops on these. Let me tell you that because it went flat on a Sunday, I was forced to do an impromtu experiment which led to the discovery you can easily drive 160 miles (Oroville to San Francisco) doing 70 miles per hour without any problems. I even think my gas mileage was better! Even still, the donut sucks big giant donkey butt and needs to go.