Thanks for Degrading my Neighborhood DPW

At 13:45 today I was walking back from the gym. This usually means walking down Post Street from Van Ness, but today I was feeling like a change and walked down Hemlock instead. Once I crossed Polk and was walking the stretch to Larkin, I saw a DPW (Department of Public Works) Ford truck parked there with the engine running. As I passed, there was a DPW employee sitting inside with his arms up in the air cheering on a prostitute who was giving him a blow job. While I give the guy points for freestylin’ his head gettin’, I am so incredibly pissed about this on several points, the least of which is the act of hiring a prostitute.

Use of city property for personal business
I’m going out on a limb and guessing that the city does not encourage its employees to run their own errands in a city vehicle. While a minor offense to pick up milk on the way home, one would ask, why in the hell did this guy need to get serviced by a hooker in said vehicle? I pity the guy who ends up using that truck tomorrow. The smell of cheap, perfume mixed with a co-worker’s semen can’t be pleasant.

Waste of fuel
I have no idea why he had to have the engine running. Did he think he was going to make a quick getaway if he was caught, cos he sure didn’t care that I (and a number of others) saw him? There are these things called ID numbers and license plates which make it pretty darned easy to track any city vehicle. And he wasn’t fast either. I circled around to the overlooking lot of Halsted N. Gray to try and see if I could make out the license plate and the guy was still there. I’m sure he stayed there for awhile, since I imagine this setting to be the best way to not get off.

Not having my camera
I have always made it a habit to bring some form of camera with me these days. Naturally, I don’t want to bother when going to the gym as it’s extra bulk to deal with. If only I had had today. I could at least have some photographic proof for this article if not to send in to the city, although I’m guessing if this guy is this bold/stupid, he’s immune to disciplinary action for some reason.

Crapping in my neighborhood
Yeah, I live near the Tenderloin, but there is no reason for it be as funktastic as it is. Guys coming in for hookers doesn’t help and the fact that a city employee was doing this in the middle of the day is aggravating beyond all sense. While Hemlock gets oddness to it late at night, during the day, there is nothing wrong with it, except for idiots like this having a quickie with a hooker. And don’t get me wrong, I think prostitution should be legal and regulated as it’s going to happen no matter how illegal we make it. Until the day our government isn’t ruled by misguided Christian fundamentals (there were hookers in the bible by the way…) I just get pissed when some moron needs to get servicing and promote these services in my hood. There are more deserted places where there really aren’t any people around, but oh no, it’d be waaaay too hard to go to any of these, despite have a vehicle with free, city gas to take you there.

The moral of the story is that I apparently need to carry my camera and walk down Hemlock more often. While showing these things would just make it move to another alley, it would go a long way to show that the cops are doing little to curtail these activities as a full-sized Ford pickup, idling with a head bobbing up and down tends to stand out.