Thanks a Whole Hell of a Lot

Supervisor Tom Ammiano, screw you and your legalization of pot for SF. I have to cite this as one of the instances where this city gets way too liberal. I don’t care if people smoke marajuana. I don’t care if they keep a bit around for whatever reason. The thing that really gets my seeds in a stem is when people are growing it. Lot’s of it. And then selling it.
Everyone I know has had to deal with some dumbass where they live growing 20 or more plants in their apartment or house and the fact that A) it stinks B) it attracts dirtbags C) it’s illegal. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not associating smoking the weed with being the dirtbag. I’ve got plenty of friends who like the green and that’s cool. They don’t care that I like the wine and the beer. I just can’t stand the pot lifestyle and the general slackery that goes along with it. This is an issue when people are growing lots of it because there is a decent shred of truth to that whole gateway drug spiel they give.
The residents who objected to this becoming law were right. Doing what the City Council is doing in decriminalizing pot growing is not good for communities. Regardless of the original intent, there is always a dark side to the cultivation of marijuana. I agree that it should be legal to smoke pot in this country, but it needs to be across the nation as a whole. Making these small pockets of legality only help to encourage and grow this black market economy. It does nothing to help the cause of legalizing pot because it makes it more of a law issue than less. Do we really want to be seen as Amsterdam West? Yeah, yeah, I know, that won’t happen. Sure. The fact that a comment like that even needs to be addressed should point to the absurd nature of this act.
So, I guess my point is, shut up Ammiano. I’m thrilled that you’re trying to further your political career by making the basic lives of residents more complicated. How about you go back to wearing the pretty suit and keep your “brilliant” ideas out of my district.